The Best Products For An Oily Skin

The Best Products For An Oily Skin

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My search for the right facial moisturizer took like two years I guess? At first you would think that it’s an easy job. You just buy a facial cream if you think it’s smells good and feels soft on your skin. But it’s still is not what you’re looking for, so you’ll need some expert advice from the shop.

So now you think that you finally found the perfect moisturizer that suits your skin, which has been advised by the expert from the shop. The next morning you wake up and use your perfect moisturizer and then you follow your make-up routine.

And then it happened: a few hours later, a colleague says that you look like a just polished bowling ball! You look in the mirror and yes you really look like that! This happened to me so many times. After hundreds of euros that I have invested in different facial moisturizers, I was fed up.

After a lot of reading on the Internet, I found out that I have an oily skin. Characteristics of an oily skin throughout the day, a shiny skin, an oily layer all over the face, large pores, acne and makeup doesn’t stay that long. If you recognize this, you first need to think about a new facial cleanser. Very important to cleanse your face twice a day.

My favorite is Clinique liquid facial soap oily skin formula. Every morning and evening I clean my face with cleansing wipes (from the drug store) and after that I use the facial soap. At last I use my facial moisturizer.

I recommend the following facial moisturizers:

– Annayake
– Louis Widmer
– Biodermal

If you occasionally use a primer or the use foundation, always go for the oil free products. These are my favorites:

– Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free foundation
– Benefit Porefessional Oil-Free primer

When you have a dinner or a party and you just want your makeup to stay perfectly every day (and not like you’ve been running a marathon for five hours ;), choose NYX Matte Finish Spray. After you’re done with your makeup, you can use the Finish Spray on your face so you can rock the day! By the way I have a picture of my favorite acne moisturizer from Biodermal. It works really good. Anyway I hope you liked it! Send me an email if you have questions. Enjoy your day!

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