Deep Blue Dress





Hi there everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day. A few days ago I went out for coffee with a friend of mine. It was so warm that day, so I was too tired to go outside the house. Well, I did it anyway and I definitely didn’t regret it. We’ve found a little café where we’ve had the best coffee and orange juice!

So the first time I saw this dress online, I was totally obsessed. I couldn’t stop thinking about it (I always have that haha!). When I wore dress, I fell instantly in love. What I really LOVE about this dress is the collar. In my eyes, the collar makes it special. Wear some nude heels  and you’re perfectly done! Let me know what you guys think. Sharing is caring!

With love,

What I was wearing

Dress|Motel Rocks
Sunglasses|Ray-ban Aviator

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  • Gina
    januari 4, 2017

    wie sÃÃÃüŸÃŸÃŸŸŸÃŸÃŸÃŸÃŸÃŸÃŸÃŸÃŸÃŸÃŸÃŸ ist das denn….Supi geworden gefällt mir richtig gut….ich schleich ja noch um das Buch herrum =)) aber ich bleibe hart….Liebe grüße Tanja

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